Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kasih berubah..~

Cinta zaman sekolah. Hyundai Coupe. Perfect for ladies.
(The new 2009 Coupe is out! Do check it out. Wicked!)

Peugeot 407.. Cinta zaman universiti.
Perfect front and rear appearance, perfect interior, perfect cruising.
Personal opinion: A perfect package.
(Tak reti nak komen panjang2 macam Jeremy Clarkson..)

Cinta terbaru! Alfa Romeo 159.. terlalu handsome!
Kalah Justin Timberlake.
Bila la boleh beli..
Perlu test drive macam ni!


Zuhaini said...

Your taste is soo expensive with a very high maintenace.

desh said...

Expensive, high maintenance and very european. Like Bond's ladies. Hehehe

desh said...

Neway Ira.
Kasih tak pernah berubah.
Kasih cuma bertambah~

The first thing I captured from the Peaceful Warrior is:
"That's the difference
between us, Dan.
You practice gymnastics.
I practice EVERYTHING."

After watching that movie, there must be some discussion right? What is your facilitator's conclusion about the movie?
Really want to know.

Thanks Ira for the movie.
I found one important conclusion.

I'll save the best for the last.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Taste mmg taste.. tp boleh tgk je la.. nak beli pk 10 kali.. baik pergi melancong, haha :)

well En. Dayat, the discussion was that the facilitator wanted us to adopt the movie's paradox. What time izzit? Now.

I wished there were, u know, debating session where we dont just follow the taglines in the movie..

CIMB said "winning is about thinking one step ahead".

very contradicting to that Socrates.. huhu..

desh said...

But wait Ira.
It was a leadership course right?
The peaceful warrior is not a suitable movie for that.

They should have showed "300" or "Lord of the Ring" instead.
Leaders should fight shoulder to shoulder with their warriors. In the front row of the battle.

ZuH@iLieY said...


akiss said...

hahaha. kalah JT tak tahan tu.
ngee. btul la, smpi skg kalo tgk alfa romeo igt kak pah. kikikiki

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Haha.. setia dgn JT sampai sekarang tu Akiss.. xberubah pun, haha.

Yes En. Dayat, leadership program. I guess why they picked the movie was because they want us to learn to take responsibility instead of feeling victimized by circumstances. U know, the whining and all..

desh said...

Okay :)
So. Back to basic. :D
Take responsibility. No complaining and whining. Hahaha.
Cute. That is soooo basic.

This is one of my favorite.
One of the most important trait in leadership.
"Respect is earned, not given"

In the movie Terminator Salvation, be like John Connor and not like the Commanders of the submarine.
Because respect is earned, not given.

Naddie Anuar said...

sumer pon kaler merah...

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

En. Dayat: haha, i know u like mind blowing topics to talk about, and I love it too. unfortunately, susah jugak nak cerita2 panjang2 dlm comments2 ni kan..

Naddie: haha, it's just for the pictures uniformity.. hehe.

desh said...

Yeah. So we have to tell it one at a time.

Living in the moment is the easiest and the most peaceful thing to do if compared to wandering in the past or visualizing the future.
I bet you feel the happiest when you sing. Focusing on your voice and the melody at the exact moment makes you feel ......

desh said...

Dwelling in the past has pros and cons.
1. We are proud(pro), we go off guard(con)
2. regret(con), we become alert(pro)

Planning for the future has pros and cons too.
Fear and anxiety is one of the con.

Either living in the present, past or the future, the best advice I can give is
"try to make choices that you can live with."
we can balance them if we want to.

But if you really can handle the stress of planning the future, it is okay to be like Michael Scofield of Prison Break. Hahaha.

[YeOp] said...

desh: prison break rocks! heh.

iera: meh la kerja kat labuan. kereta sini murah2 bah :P

desh said...

Yob, Scofield mati ke tak mati ni?

[YeOp] said...

desh: errrr.. aku dah tau ending dia. but i don't want to spoil it here. hehe. ko x tgk lg ke?

iera: sorry komen xde kena-mengena dgn topic. just wanted to respond to desh. hehe.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

haha.. xpe2..

(dah 17 comments ni.. dasat2..)