Friday, May 22, 2009

Mehndi? What's that? Shaadi karogi!

Beginning this weekend, I am gonna go for a series of weddings every end of the week. I am happy that more and more of my friends are gonna start their family life very soon. And yes, going to weddings can also help in giving me some ideas for my own wedding afterwards, hehe.

Suddenly this thought came to my mind.. and I just wanna jot it down.

We all love pretty weddings, especially with some sort of concept. There are tonnes of wedding concepts that we can usually see: garden weddings, wedding by the beach, Bali-style wedding, English style, fairy-tale wedding, arabian night concept (Mawi?), and the list goes on..

But, all in all, as Muslims, regardless of whatever the concept is, we should adhere to the DOs and DON'Ts of the religion. No exception.

Recently, there were interviews on henna wearing among brides. It is announced that the henna should not be drawn on the hands, as it somewhat replicates tattoo-wearing, and tattoos are definitely a huge no-no in Islam. Enough to wear henna on the ends of the brides' fingers.

Well, drawing henna on hands is not the only thing that happens in weddings that contradicts to the teachings of the religion. I think it should be better if the DOs and DON'Ts in weddings can be communicated thoroughly, and I suppose the best channel would be during pre-wedding courses conducted by the State Religious Department. Perhaps orang nak kahwin ni, they get so excited, they want everything to be pretty and adorable, they forget other things easily.

Personally, I think if cara pakai inai je betul, but other things are being overlooked, like bride tak menutup aurat ke (tutup aurat time nikah je trend sekarang ni.. haisshh..), sesi berkaraoke lagu pop yeh yeh ke, still, it's not good in the eyes of Islam. The usual flaws in weddings.

And sometimes, I think, we are just too focused in not making Muslim weddings be influenced by elements in Hinduism, we overlooked that Malay weddings are actually becoming more.. westernized! Off-shoulder gowns, a parade of aurat-exposing bridesmaids.. fashion show man! Sigh..

Oh well, it's just a thought anyway, that it's hard to run away from being double-standard.

Huh, saja mengomel petang-petang..


desh said...

Readers won't agree with me. The only person who will agree with me on this matter would be Spock from the Star Trek.

I'm not a fan of weddings. Haha.
The ironic thingy about wedding is the bride and groom are too preoccupied with themselves and they could care less about the guests.
Friends will get approximately 3 minutes divided attention, each. If they are lucky, they will get photograph.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Haha.. okay, i'll take it as a note for myself: show gratitude to the guests!

nevertheless, u must come for my wedding. no excuse, haha!

desh said...

Oh man~ Do I have to?
Hahaha :D

acun said...

hmm... when u say '...It is announced that the henna should not be drawn on the hands, as it somewhat replicates tattoo-wearing, and tattoos are definitely a huge no-no in Islam..." Im no ustaz or religious guy but my understanding is why tattoo is not allowed is because when you take wuduk or mandi wajib, the water does not touch your skin therefore is your wuduk or mandi wajib is not sah. That is why you are prohibited to have tattoo..

So when u says you cant do draw henna because it replicates tattoos... i kinda disagree. Maybe I am right or maybe Im wrong. You should check back. But in the first place, why need henna? cant you just get married without henna. It looks ugly on your hand and fingers....

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

well acun, malays and adat, inseparable. enough said there.

but thank you for pointing that out. I just thought that anything that's replicating or ensembles a prohibited doing in Islam shud be avoided. I knew I heard that somewhere in the Forum Perdana Ehwal Islam.. huhu.

Naddie Anuar said...

Ske entri ko neh. Mmg susah nak pisahkan adat dgn org melayu neh. ader org kate kalau nak ikutkan bersanding pon x bley, sbb kire show off la kan.

pasal inai tu, aku seriously nak buat then terbaca somewhere kate haram (padahal dah penah buat suke2 dulu, but then tak tau). tp biler dah tau, avoid je la drpd rase ragu2.

ohh ya, ialah btol kate desh itu, mingle a lot la with ur guest :)

p/s: i love weddings!!! nikah ialah yg paling bess :)

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

good effort naddie :) sbg seorg yg agak konservatif, aku hargai usaha ko itu =)

i love weddings too~ tp agak pelik dgn diri sendiri sb aku xde dream wedding.. haha.