Saturday, June 13, 2009

Early June rantings

I mentioned in one of the previous posts that I would love to have some kinda reunions with my fellas. Guess what, after that wish was written down, I continuously bumped into my Raja Muda (Arshad, Khairul Amir & Ziadora), Alam Megah (The Cronies - you know who you are) and UTP friends. Boy it felt sentimental to revisit the memory lane again. Thank you God for granting my wish..

I suppose June is a bit more relaxed than the previous months. The boon about it: I am able to attend weddings, haha! But of course, I can only go for one wedding a week.. why? Penat! Seriously the commuting (plus the bad weather and the traffic jams!) are taking their tolls on me; where usually weekends are the times to relax and unwind, are now the times to get me wound up on the roads. Well, not that I don't enjoy driving, but you know, trapped among not-so-nice drivers (though just a few) can actually drive me up the wall! Huhu.. and the result is Weary Mondays -_-.

(aah..~ I can't concentrate writing.. these songs are distracting me..)

I'm actually in the midst of finishing reading Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad (which I should have bought like 2-3 years ago). One thing that I like about the book is that, it encourages the readers to continuously think and seek ways to better up financial knowledge, and not just stamping on the head the dollar sign only. The keyword is "continuously think", in which I think, is something not all of us do constantly (except En. Dayat and my fiance, speaking of those whom I know of), and also, it somehow agrees with CIMB's tagline "winning is about thinking one step ahead" (I love this tagline). I should be completing the book by next weekend (my pace is too slow.. darn) and I should start reading another book after that.

Oh yeah, let's see.. schedule in June: wedding fair at Ampang Point (why must it be Ampang.. why not Alam Sentral..), offshore safety training, sending Ozal to Arau. Can't wait to go for all those!

Oh yes, I would like to wish my dad Happy Father's Day! No one can beat your patience of waiting, and I am learning it from you (well, not that he bothers to read my blog pun.. haha) Neways, we all love you Abah!

P.S: To Nawar, happy welcoming your baby soon! I pray for both mother and baby to be safe and healthy (Muspa, if you read this, please convey this to her okay, hehe =) )


desh said...

Cool. I summarize a bit about Kiyosaki's books if you like.
1. Rich Dad Poor Dad. (you already read)
2. Cashflow quadrant (just an extension of RDPD)
3. Guide to Investing. (Investing is a plan not a product)
4. Retire Young Retire Rich. (More on cool stories about robert)
and some more advance book.

You should also play the game Cashflow101. I have one at home.
;) wink

There is also an audio book for the lazy reader. Like me.
But surprisingly for a guy who have a tendency to quit reading after a few pages. I finished reading all of the books.
He really can sell it eh. Hahaha

desh said...

Neway. Thanks for the compliment.

desh said...

And I heard that the new Boset training will include jumping 20 feet from helicopter and after that, swimming 5 km to the shore. Is that true? Hahaha

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

wah.. ira nak habis satu buku pun dekat sebulan.. sb asik backtrack je..

i dunno about that.. kalau mcm tu, i need double life jackets!