Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hona Hain Tujhmein Fanaa~

Mode: Stucked in Kerteh again. Heading for KL this evening. Will head back to Kerteh on Saturday.

Current wish: To have the 'jumper'-ability, like Hayden Christensen :P

Blessing in disguise: Enrich Miles (though not as much as my bosses' miles!) & World Card & Treatspoints

You know, one of the reasons why I like to be on my own is that I don't have to make people understand of the things I like. One of the things I find hard to share about is my penchant for Hindi songs (and movies too :D) My all-time fave are the song from the movie Fanaa: Chand Sifarish ('chand' means the moon, while I'm not so sure what 'sifarish' means) and Tinak Tin Tana from the movie Mann (it doesn't mean anything specifically, just Tinak Tin Tana.. like la la la). Hmm.. ironically in those two movies Aamir Khan played the lead. Well, yeah, I am a big fan of his :) Look at the way he wooed Kajol in this video.. heart melting..~

(bestnya kalau ada someone mengorat mcm tu.. encik tunang, sila la ngorat saya macam tu, hihi)

The interest for Hindi songs is nothing new to me. I guess because all of us in the family were exposed to a lot of Hindi movies of the 60s and 70s (Bobby, An Evening in Paris, Sangam, Talaash, to name a few) and that the generations of the actors then emerged in the industry (Karisma Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Kajol, etc.) added to the interest of knowing and watching more of their movies. Abah and maktok love watching them until now. Abah even bought a few albums containing the songs that he liked. The result: I memorized some of them! Funnily, Ain thinks my fondness of Hindi songs is something crazy. She rather goes for Japanese. Thank God she doesn't like anime though, which I personally think is rather a weird interest :P

And because of the love for the songs, I put in effort to find the meanings of the songs.. to better understand the message, and the language itself. Believe me, it's not like learning English or Malay; the sentence will be jumbled up if I try to directly translate from English to Hindi. It's not that simple.

Have I sang Hindi songs in public? Yes! Tapi sekali je la.. during my PIPE group visit to this Old Folks Home in Semenyih, where most of the old folks were Indian. We didn't really know how to entertain them by doing other things less physical, except singing. So I sang a few Hindi songs for them, and a few who knew the songs joined me by singing along. Serious seronok seeing them enjoying themselves.

Haih, minta-minta la kat Astro/ TV2/ TV3 ada cerita Hindi yang best. Yang best pastinya ada Aamir Khan, SRK, or Preity Zinta :)


danial said...

i love Hindi movies and songs too
also don't know how to explain to other people (including my husband hihihi)
but due to time constrain lately, not really up to date with the latest movies and songs

i prefer SRK than Aamir Khan
love Devdas the most cause all my favourite actors and actress starred in that movie (SRK, Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai)

maybe one of these days we can go out and catch a Hindi movie at the cinema together eh?

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Wah, ira ada kawan la, haha.

SRK over AK, adalah sb AK telah berlaku curang a few times already? haha.

hui bole2, dgnsyarat yg berlakonnya ialah pelakon yg kita suka.. not the sexy-je-lebih actresses and too-much-body-revealing heroes, haha.

desh said...

That makes sense.
I think we usually get influence by the things that we grow up with.

I got zero influence by Hindustani until I met my wife. Before that, 'not a chance'

Well, my major influences
Movie/tv series/cartoons: mestilah hollywood
Comic: japan and chinese
(that would be dragonball and juara wira)

desh said...

And also, I think mak bapak kita pun ada influence juga dgn apa yang kita tengok la.

For example my mother tak pernah layan Hindustan. Dia layan Dallas dengan Beverly Hills 90210.
While my father and I layan The Young Riders dan MacGyver.

Patut lah aku ni cenderung ke Amerika. Hua hua hua.

My mother siap buat discussion lagi dengan makcik-makcik pasal Dallas dengan Beverly Hills.
Serious stuff. Hahaha

danial said...

also difficult to explain
why SRK
i think it has something to do with the eyes
but my mom is Aamir Khan's die-hard fan
which i think make my dad jealous
because he will always say
"eleh..tengok budak drug addict ni lagi" when my mom pasang movie Mann and other AK films
my mom as usual buat tak tahu saja

we had videotapes of most of the oldies that you mentioned
but now, most of them dah rosak kena makan fungus
my parents tak berapa kisah because now they have "Zee channel" on Astro
so everyday at 3 pm, there will be Hindi film on

and yeap
never see my in-laws watching Hindi movies
that is why i think my husband never got the bug
but luckily he doesnt throw away my Hindi VCDs and DVD's

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Haha. En. Dayat, I suppose why I don't really like to watch Hollywood movies is because byk sgt adult element kut.. u know what, masa kitaorg kecik2 dulu, kitaorg hanya dibenarkan tgk cerita disney princesses and sesame street, not even tom and jerry. sb mak kata, nanti belajar jd nakal, so kitaorg mmg xberani nak tgk anything without parents' consent. tak biasa pergi cinemas pun, sampai la sekarang..

and u know kak zufina, my mom gila suka aamir khan. she was soo heartbroken knowing that he cheated on his wife and has a illegitimate child. srk, on the other hand, has clean record (sampai dapat datukship lagi! haha) and he is really versatile. but on handsome part, no one can beat aamir la.. not even hrithik roshan..

kalau dvd hindi kena buang, dvd mat saleh kena watch out la.. he he he..

desh said...

Dalam keluarga decepticon yang terdiri daripada faizul, zufina dan danial, faizul ni pakar dalam bidang menyusun dan membuang.
danial pakar dalam bidang menyepah barang, zufina pakar dalam bidang mencuci dan menyapu.

Kalau biasa kerja kilang jepun dia ada amalan 5s
sisih, susun, sapu, seragam, sentiasa amal.

Decepticon faizul ni peka dan brutal sikit dalam bab-bab membuang.
Pantang tengok barang yang lama tak diguna. Baju ke, mainan ke, majalah ke.
Terus masuk dalam plastik hitam.
Falsafah dia: Throw now, ask question never.
Sebab tu rumah kitorang simple giler. Furniture pun yang penting2 je. Pasu2 bunga takdak. Tapi TV mesti ada 2 kat ruang tamu. Rasanya nak kena beli tv satu lagi sebab baby dah nak kuar dah.

Joker said ,"You see, I'm a guy of simple taste....
Everything burns."

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Oh my, 5S pon En. Dayat hafal? I'm getting tired of it.. asik2 5S kat plant.. haha.

Healthy culture adopted from the east neways..

desh said...

Oh dear. I got your point very clear.
Kekalkan budaya timur.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Oh, I missed ur comments about ur mom liking Dallas and Bev Hills.

Well, my mom pun, kinda westernized. Haha. She was totally into Jackson 5, Abba, The Carpenters, Boney M.. u name it. The first time I saw Abba's music video Voulez Vous, with them wearing sexy (as I perceived it), got me thinking, is it okay to watch sexy ladies? Haha, in which I still think it's something hard to be approved. But yes, my mom IS a big influence. She's where my singing and public speaking inclination come from! Haha. My varsity life was so ordinary compared to hers.

Neways, in short en. Dayat, I am very conservative, haha. So, all these movies, they don't really get to my heart that easily, esp those with guns and blood.. -_-

desh said...

You are that 0.05% of woman population that are hard to impress.

mangifera said...

i also big fan of hindi movies. i love SRK movies so much. SRK really know how to make me cry loh. used to cry watching him in kuch kuch hota hai and kal ho na ho. even crying during phil bi dil ha hindustani.

i dunno why but hindi movies are good at potraying feeling, the actor and actress eyes speaks alot of emotions. that's why i hooked up with japanese drama cause most dramas that i watched paying hell of attention towards emotion. though the feeling grew and i accept anything come my way, i still picky about which dramas to rerun.

i think the best SRK movies would be kabhi kushi kabhi gham. that's what we call a really good movie, paced nicely and have everything blend in nicely. maybe the crying factor of it better than any other movies by SRK.

mama danial and eva said...

i agree with mangifera
kabhi kushi kabhi gham is the best