Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eh, dah August dah..

My weekend: two movies in a row: disappointing Harry Potter and his troubled mates (why did Snape claim himself a 'prince' eh? Is he some kind of royalty? I wonder..) and Transformers (to overcome the disappointment in Harry), some shopping, spending some time with beloved fiance at our fave ice cream parlor, dining out with the family, and making currypuffs for today's breakfast. Next on today's list: meeting my planner and accompanying Ain for more shopping =D

This week alone, I watched three movies already. The other one was 'Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian'. Okay, I should fairly say that Transformers 2 kinda uplifted the frustration. Well, boleh lah..

Some questions pondering in my mind while watching the movies:

1. What happened to the meeting with Wal-Mart that Larry's company managed to secure? I thought that he would be having tough time balancing between his business and his mission for the museum. In the end, his business didn't really portray himself as a successful businessman. I was puzzled.

2. I wonder if Amy Adams' presence as Amelia Earhart was merely because the story needed a character who knew how to fly an aircraft. Apart from flying, she was just an excess baggage for Larry.. and a seducer.. lame.

3. How could JK Rowling ended Dumbledore's character by letting him die in vain? In vain as in how could Dumbledore not know that the necklace was void and risked Harry and himself to get it? Could it be that the author just wanted to express that nobody is perfect?

Night at the Museum: The story is so easy to be predicted. Takde surprise. Bosan!
Harry Potter: Too many scenes of that itchy ugly girl getting obsessed with Ron, Malfoy crying and fidgeting.. haih, boring betul. Bila Death Eaters nak mati ni~~!!
Transformers: The robots are the ones who should be nominated in the Oscars.

Lepas ni lagi la malas nak pergi tengok wayang. The motivation is just the popcorn..


mangifera said...

i watch public enemies and the taking of pelham 123. both movies are good and johnny deep in public enemies so drool induced for the girls. as for me, i adore johnny deep acting, it's good to watch him in public enemies.

as for the taking of pelham 123, john travolta and denzel washington are absolute thrilling to watch. both witty and sharp with their field make both almost competitive. though the ending kinda leave bad taste to your mouth, the dynamic duo of travolta and denzel make it beautiful to watch.

hehehehe. over commercialized films normally just hype. disappointment is expected from it due to expectation couldn't be any lower. the same feeling while watching angels and demons...not to mention the wait for the movies, the trailer and teasers keep feeding your hope. :)

there are few good movies but people hardly watch it. tak commercial kot. :P

nur farihah mohamed rashidi said...

lucky me i x watch HP lagi.
if x, such a waste!

desh said...

It was good that you are enjoying your weekends. It sounded very relaxing.

I'm looking forward to watch Public Enemy and Pelham 123. Ira, you know guys.. organized crime movie would be our thingy.

As for transformers, I wonder why Michael Bay under graded the Decepticons. If you guys watches the first movie, it took 4 autobots, Jazz, Ironhide, Ratchet, Bumblebee and the special force guys with that destructive Sabot Rounds just to kill "Brawl" the tank robot.
Josh Duhamel's inspiring words like
"Oh, these things just don't die." and "Oh, we're so dead."
created suspense and thrill sensation.

And why is Michael Bay so cheap? He duplicated so many Constructicons. Can't afford to hire enough CGI designer?
Hahaha cheapskate.

Princess Shieda said...

Assalamualaikum :)

I saw your link on my blog visitors names. Thank you for visiting my humble blog *smiles*



Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

I think Josh Duhamel was the savior of Transformers. and that guy yg sibuk selamatkan piramid tu. xingat nama dia. i think he was cool :)

the other robots ala2 kala jengking tu.. hmm.. boring.. mcm alien vs predators pulak rsnya..

ee.. tak suka la attitude 'tak heran' ni~ i wanna be impressed!

desh said...

Well Ira,
I paling tak suka robot perempuan tu.
I like robots and I LOVE WOMEN.
But a combo of robot and woman in one form? What the hell 2nd class movie.

Tumpang Promo boleh?
For mangifera and all boys club yang suka download cerita2 LELAKI, sekarang ni Amerika musim off season. Tak banyak cerita best. Prison break dan 24 pun dah habis.
Cuba check out cerita baru "Dark Blue". Sekarang baru sampai S01E03. Kalau baca synopsis macam tiru The Shields tapi okay la boleh tahan. Character "Dean" pun very macho.

Selain tu utk syok2 layan Burn Notice la. Banyak tips-tips berguna (...kalau nak jadi spy la)

desh said...

Erm. I meant I hate the robot that can turn into that sexy woman.
Not Arcee or Chromia the autobots.
:D I am not sexist.

danial said...

i wanted to watch ice age....
teluk intan tak tayang...kena tunggu dvd saja lah...

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Well, ur welcome princess shieda :) my pleasure of reading ur blog ;)

haha.. kesian adik danial.. mama xleh jln jauh2 eh.. kita tgk dvd eh.. sama je best :)