Monday, August 10, 2009

August wishes

A few people to congratulate =))
1) To Mak for completing her Ph.D. Can't wait for your convo in November!
2) En. Dayat and Kak Zufina for the newborn baby girl. Siapa namanya..? Is it Dania?
3) My dearest and prettiest roomate, Shafaf for the awesome news.

A few wishes to be expressed >_~
1) Happy birthday to Maktok. You never age in our eyes.
2) Happy 2 years of knowing each other, Encik Tunang~ :) dah 2 tahun kita convo ek.. how time flies..
3) Selamat berpuasa to all friends.. moga bulan puasa ni tak la panas sangat..
4) Best wishes to Kak Nedd.. may you deliver a healthy and cute little baby~ just like the mom ;)

I'm depending on Scott's Emulsion now.. to strengthen my body resistance.. and hopefully to keep me safe from that bloody flu! You guys should try it too. It's really good. One second I am having runny nose, and the other second it's totally gone! Magic gile..

1 comment:

desh said...

Thank you. Nama belum announce ya. Sabar2. Kikiki
Thanks for the scott emulsi tips.