Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some ngomelan

Just a few things to mention..

1) Two wrongs don't make a right. I suppose many of us can easily hear people say this, even in formal meetings! "It's mean.." (when the actual meaning is "it means..", not like in the context of "it's mean... to do something bad to someone..") Too many times. In fact, it has never been corrected since the first time I heard someone said "it's mean.." Is it because of the slogan "Kepimpinan melalui Teladan", therefore, those who don't really know grammar just follow blindly without questioning (or they can't even bother to question) the appropriate use of apostrophes? The worst part is, the grammatical error becomes increasingly widely used in other phrase like "it's depend" (duuhh..)

2) Terawih di masjid/ surau. When my siblings and I were younger, my mom used to scold us whenever we made noises when she was performing her prayers. Usually, the prize would be blue-black bruises, haha (serious sakit gile kena cubit dengan pakar!) But we got the point, that making noise when people are praying or reciting the verses is discourteous. I expect parents to teach their kids about manners. The tok imam repeatedly reminded parents who brought along their kids to refrain them from making noises while the jemaah were praying. But of course, some parents were too lenient toward their kids, until their kids became uncontrollably naughty and noisy. I have pinched one kid at the surau last Ramadhan after terawih, thanks to her distracting the jemaah by lying down on the prayer mat in front of us when we were performing terawih. I don't wanna do it again. But these kids, they just have to be taught a lesson! And believe me, I am actually tempted to do it again.

3) Sentenced to be caned, but nobody is expert enough to perform the caning? It's just like sentencing the accused person to go to jail, but then, rupa-rupanya the jail has not been built! Or does the judge actually expect her to appeal.. in which she didn't? Silap la Your Honor.


desh said...

No 2,
Macam komplen tahun lepas je ni... kikiki

Dah dekat 2 tahun kitorang tak pergi ziarah rumah you kan? (Kitorang~ it's mean me and my loyal partner-in-crime). Ish.. Bahaya ni dah dekat 2 tahun tak jumpa.

msApple said...

no 1. hahah seriuslaa annoying gile. bile dgr jerk.. mesti btol kn dlm hati.. pastu ngan confident tuu.. ckp.. hasishhh

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

En. Dayat: nasib bukan budak yang sama mcm thn lepas, kalau tak, hoi ira tak tahu laaa apa nak buat. jegil mata kot, haha.

ye.. ur partner in crime, i will need his no from u utk invitation kawen nt kay, haha ;) rumah dah siap renovate~ lg ramai tetamu bole masuk!

Ija: haha.. ade pun org perasan.. agak malu la.. utk a big organization like ours.. kalau mtg nagn international co sure kena gelak. but yeah, xsume org berkesedaran ttg tatabahasa..

desh said...

Haha. Kalau budak tahun lepas dah habis lunyai jadi roti jala cicah kari daging le Ira kerjakan.

Your ex-bossfriend's number mesti dah hilang ni. Kikiki.
Dia ada mintak number you tapi I saje tak bagi. Har har har.

desh said...

One more thingy. Ira. Lupa nak komen.
Pasal nama baby, semuanya abah baby yang bagi nama. Setelah menggunakan kuasa veto melangkaui kuasa ninda dan bondanya.

I minat
eva mendez
eva longoria
eva green

Dua-dua budak kecik ni ada satu nama islamic dan satu nama global.
Kalau pergi Arab diorang akan pakai nama Islam.
kalau pergi Europe diorang akan pakai nama satu lagi la.
Ira, you know me~. Always have reasons when doing something. I don't do random. Kikiki.

Eva is latinate form of Eve.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

ex-bossfren? haha, new term. kan ira tukar fon dr razr to nokia ni.. so sume no yg ada dlm razr tak disalin.. haha. saja, malas. only certain numbers je la ira copy to nokia. tak yah la bg my no to him, he he he.

eva green je ok. eva longoria.. hmm >_< mendes hitam sgt~

but thank you for the idea.. mcm ni ira boleh la plan nama anak awal2, haha. supaya ada makna dan juga tak diprejudiskan..

but i cant believe kak zufina gave in. if me.. susah la kot, haha. tp sebab nama baby sedap kan.. oklah tu =D

desh said...

Kak Zufina was not giving in. I asked her to give me any good reason not to give that name. She can't think any.

Because Ira, when you are that good, no one can challenge your decision.
Hahaha... lawak.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Oh well, I foresee myself to be in Kak Zufina's shoes soon.. sigh..

Anonymous said...

IT'S MEAAAN! hahaha

this is one of my pet peeves, along with people who say "excuse" without the "me".

probably they don't realize they sound like morons. =P

on no.3...i'm totally with you on this one, but from a different line of reasoning that's too complex to be laid down here. =)

(this is zuhairy btw)

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Zuhairy, haha.. finally ur here :)

woh, perhaps u can share with me the complex lines masa berbuka sama nt ok.

desh said...

It's really fair Ira.
If they are really good at something, I'll let them take the lead.

mama danial and eva said...

but i dont think you are the type that give in easily Ira
so no, i dont think you will be in my shoes soon...

i think my doter is the first Malay with the name Eva
but sometimes , names have trends
like 10 years ago, Danial must have been an uncommon name
now you have 5/10 boys with the name Danial

so maybe, Eva can be the trendsetter...

but you know what? i am so surprised that my parents dont even object to the name
my conservative parents even like it!!!

mama danial and eva said...

by the way, my MIL is even more English
she calls her Eve!!!

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

wah, kak zufina, thank u :) i take that as a compliment, though im not so convinced about that, becuz u dunno my fiance.. huii dia lg laa firm dgn dia nye stand >_<

i am surprised too that ur parents ok je, haha. tp bagus la, cuz sometimes, old people need to listen to the new ideas of the younger generations, and seriously i reckon ur folks as being so damn sporting.

tp nama eva sedap. sedap gile.