Sunday, September 6, 2009

I love (smart) kids!

My mom holds tuition classes on weekdays except on Thursday. That means 4 times a week. In those 4 days, I loved it when it's Tuesday or Friday, because the two days are meant for primary schoolkids :) (yang dah secondary school ni tak best nak layan sgt.. berangan diorang dah lain macam sikit)

Sometimes, I join in my mom to teach too. I don't mind if they tell me "Kak, tak faham la...". I never give up in teaching them, because I believe if they do not understand what I am trying to teach, perhaps there are loopholes in the way I am teaching them.

"Faham tak?"
"Faham akak.."
"Sure betul faham..?"

Okay, teach again how to answer.

Tapi, paling tak suka if dah Standard 4 pun tak hafal sifir. The problem is, ramai yang tak hafal sifir! Sudahnya, memang kena bebel la..

I love kids. And above all, I looovveeee intelligent and witty kids. Bonus if they are cute (tak cute, salahkan mak bapak! haha)

But it's not everyday I get to see smart kids. When I meet one, I feel honored, refreshed, I feel great! And yes, I definitely respect the parents who know how to nurture the 'X-factor' in their kids. Walaupun Sufiah Yusof mischanneled her stress in education, I sincerely believe that her mom did a terrific job in educating her children until they are regarded as child prodigies in Math. Seriously, hebat.

When I was in primary school, I had two friends whom I consider to be totally out-of-the-box breed.

"Okay Sharifah, tell me in which period Velociraptor existed?"
"Johann Sebastian Bach was more into writing songs for the church.."
"Weih, fakta tentang Corsica and Sardinia dalam Joe Jambul semalam macam salah je.."

He made me read about classical composers, dinosaurs, world history, etc. Terrific inquisitive mind. I never stopped saluting him.

Arwah Idris:
"Okay Sharifah, aku challenge ko jawab soalan kuiz aku ni. Soalan pertama, namakan 5 jenis pokok fir.." (I was thinking "damn this isn't in Alam & Manusia year 4 chapters!")
"Kau ambil je mana-mana buku. Buku pasal Milky Way aku ada a few. Pinjam je.. aku dah baca semua"

It was a terrible moment when I learnt that he passed away. Almost 3 years already.

Presently, I think NST is doing a good job in educating kids and teens. Niexster pull-out is an avenue for me to find thoughtful kids and teens. Opinionated and matured compositions by ages 17 and below. I'm inspired. But most of the column contributors come from urban areas. Another NST effort is the Spell-It-Right contest. I guess that competition created some kind of competitiveness in learning among the participants (and the viewers too!)

I believe encouraging the offsprings to have a sense of race in learning is a good approach. Afterall, learning is not just about getting Top 3 in the school exam. To learn more means to give more choices of what one wants to specialize into in the future. Parents, they 'have been there, have done that', so supposedly they can guide their children through what they have experienced.

Ibu, Ayah, jangan la asyik fikir kerja.. we need your attention too!


akiss said...

gile mencabar soklan2 itu. hua hua.

kak pah, sy pnah jd cigu tadika jap, mmg best, tp sy ni pilih kasih, yg comel je sy layan lebih. hahahah

desh said...

I know, I know.
Velociraptor lived in the Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park era along side with T-Rex.
They were also known as F-22 Raptor in the movie Transformers.

Thanks for stopping by at my baby's blog. Did you know that baby perempuan lebih senang dijaga dari baby lelaki. Danial hold a record breaking of 2 hours non stop crying. If you can survive the hardship of raising a baby boy, baby perempuan is kacang goreng. Baby perempuan has more manners I think.

desh said...

This is a very sensitive material, meaning that I cannot post it on dania1's blog.

Today, when dania1 was running, he hit the sofa and then he fell down on the floor. He cried.
Being a tough father, as usual, I didn't offer any help. I came near him, ordered him to sit down and rest.
He had fall millions of time. I even trained him to roll his body over after making a high jump to absorb the impact.
But this time it was an accident, he wasn't prepared.
He cried more than a minute so I suspected somethin is not right.
I ask my wife to check him out. At first she thought he broke his hand yet found nothing wrong with it.
I watched him closely and asked him to raise his hand. He couldn't do it at all. I suspected something was wrong with his left shoulder.
So we walked to the Emergency Room. We met the doctor there. My son still couldn't raise his hand so I borrowed hospital's scissors and cut through his shirt. We requested an X-Ray. The result came out. No dislocated joints or broken bones. At some point he can move his hand up a little a bit.
Back home, he slept. I think he was going to be all right. :)

Like The Joker said
I believe whatever doesn't kill you will simply makes you~ Stranger

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Akiss, aku pun pernah jd cikgu kejap. mmg kejap sgt. 2 bulan je ms cuti sem. tp siyes, aku ajar yg betul2 nak belajar je.. yg ngade2 aku layan gak.. tp if da terlebih ngade aku pun pshiunggg.. cubit!

en dayat, on ur first comment, haha. of cos i know anak perempuan lg senang jaga dr anak lelaki. when my bro was little, non us us bothered to cajole him bila dia mengaruk, sb dia paling suka cengkam tangan kitaorg sampai berdarah, and he was sooo ganas! mmg sakit la kena debik dgn my bro, even ms tu he was not yet in kindergarten.

i wish my eldest wud be a girl.. muahahaha~ no, it's not because of barbie dolls ya, no-no. haha.

desh said...

I had a premonition that your eldest would be a boy. Remember what I predicted today ya? Hehehe. (Ketawa jahat ni)

So Ira, do you plan to have baby early? Hahahaha. Lawak je.
Tak lama lagi ni jadi blog keibubapaan la pulak.
Ataupun, nanti sempat ke tulis blog Ira bila dah ada baby? Hehehe.

desh said...

The best thing Ira. You dengan Fairuz, anak you mesti smart gilerr aaa..

Danial ni I tak push dia belajar selain
1.kenal ABC 2.mengira duit sebab nak kumpul duit beli mainan atau twisties dan 3.tengok jam pukul berapa sebab ada kartun Go Diego Go dan Dora The Explorer start pukul 2.00pm.

I focus pada menajamkan dia punya basic survival skill. Iaitu 1.memory 2.psychomotor skill

I believe, if he has excellent memory, good psychomotor reflex dan heightened sese of things, he can learn anything after this all by himself.
Secara metaforanya macam boleh download terus ke dalam otaknya.
(Macam cerita The Matrix tuuu...)

So far, I think he is doing okay la. I am not planning to send him to school yet when he reach 5 years old next year.

(Kan dah cakap, jadi blog parenting)

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

takpe, boy or girl, dua2 dah ada nama, haha :D gile, burung terbang dipipiskan lada sungguh!

hopefully cepat je la dpt zuriat kan.. sb geram tak boleh nak main2 ngan baby org lain, sb anak orang, parents dia punya la kan.. lgpun ira dah 26 next year!

i think u know what u want for danial.. i dunno what to expect when i am a mother nnt, only that i know i wanna be close to my children :D

(yerp, i think eventually i will resort into parenting blogging..)

mungkin akan tukar blog kut.. tak bestla campur cerita2 silam.. haha. tgkla mcm mana..

desh said...

Kiki. Kalau you nak pinjam Eva 2 minggu utk jaga dan main2 pun I kasi punya. Testing the water la katakan. Maybe you will having second thought on having a child. Kikiki.

Anak2 ni tanggungjawab kita ibu bapa. Apa yang kita mampu buat ialah menyediakan mereka dengan ilmu dan skill untuk hidup apabila dewasa kelak.
Bak kata orang putih "We don't give them fish, we teach them how to fish"

Raya ni kitorang satu family akan bercuti satu bulan. Balik kampung ke, travel ke. Dania1 will become my full time apprentice for the next whole month. Macam Obie-Wan dengan Anakin waktu kecik. Nak kemaskini Operating System dalam kepala otak dania1.

Next year I taknak hantar sekolah lagi. Nak ajar berenang dan naik basikal. Selain itu nak hantar dia balik kampung dengan ninda tinggakan seminggu dua. Padan muka dia belajarlah berdikari. Lepas tu kalau ada short camp utk budak2 kecik pun I nak hantar juga. (ada ke). Kalau ada shuriken school, sekolah ninja macam dalam kartun tu betul2 wujud, nak hantar jugak kat situ.

6 tahun baru sekolah tadika.
I expect masa tu Operating System dan Software dania1 dah functional. Tinggal download data saje.
Tak kisah la nak download data nak bunyikan sukukata ABC ke, nak jadi helicopter pilot ke, atau data ninjitsu ke. :D
Ada ke samakan otak manusia dengan sistem komputer. Geek la.

desh said...

I will explain why upgrading child's operating system and software is more important than brute forcing data into them because if we do that, one day their system will crash.

I skip telling the windows 3.1 and windows XP metaphor.

Once upon a time in the early age of the internet, if we want to publish a website, we have to manually write down the html code using text or microsoft front page. Remember TELNET? never heard of it? How about FTP? Never have to use it? Wow!
If you guys had use one of those things then you would know how slow and sometimes frustrating it could be.

Then now, tadaaa... There is Content Management System and many other systems. I think the blog, the facebook, the twitter were evolve from that system.
It makes editing website easier than writing a corporate report using Microsoft Word.

If we have good software and operating system, we can process data like lightning speed. We live in the era of all data is at our fingertips. (Just download it using RapidShare at 40kbps, pirated data ya)

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

haha.. adeii, mcm2 la idea en. dayat ni.. langsung ira tak terfikirkan! tapi, i think i will not really want to encourage my children to be engineers la.. esp EE engineers. boring.

ade ke nak pinjamkan eva.. longlai la budak tu gara2 auntie sorg ni tak reti bagi makan.lepas tu ira pun kena la rotan dgn mak n ayah eva, haha.

desh said...

Tak reti bagi makan?
Tak mungkin.
Sedangkan beruang pun pandai jaga anak. :D

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Haha.. okay2.. reti2 :))

mama danial and eva said...

ira, eva belum pandai makan lagi

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

haha.. see what I meant eh. Dayat.

tak reti.


Kak Zufina sure menggeleng ni, haha.