Friday, September 11, 2009

Blabs malam Likur

(1) Ramadhan has entered the 'Likur' period. Am I doing good? Well, I try to. Definitely many other people score better than I do. But, Allah is Most Merciful, and His mercy means everything for an average slave like me.

(2) Usually, the last ten days of Ramadhan will witness a more intense preparation towards welcoming 1 Syawal. Shoppings and stuff. I have not done that yet. Not excited to. Not really driven to celebrate raya, except by a few reasons: the annual leave, open houses by my friends and of course, my family will be complete again :) Well, for a week that is! Ozal, I got chocolates for you!

(3) I got this from someone: "What is constant in life? : CHANGE". I like that. It gives some sort of positive perspective of Change. Tiba-tiba terasa like it has been ages since I last went to a motivational talk. I suppose that was one of the recipe of my schooldays success. After schooling days ended, sendiri la kena motivate diri. Huhu..

(4) Siapa dah dapat kad raya from me, angkat tangan! Eh, sorry, I can't see you, hehe :D


desh said...

Angkat tangan!

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

fuh cepat gak. last batch of raya cards that I sent, it took 1 week to arrive.

bagus2 da sampai =D

mamaAdam said...

angkat separuh2... kengkonon dapat.. he he

desh said...

If you want to motivate yourself, you may want to listen to Tony Robbins.

But.... if that fails, you may want to go to his brother, Baskin Robbins for motivation.

Thanks for the card raya ya. :D

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

alamak Mama Adam, sorry la, xde address >_<

en. dayat ni mcm cikgu motivasi la.. u shud consider opening a motivational sector business.

desh said...

Kalau nak coach kita kena one on one coaching. Kena memhami diri dan jiwa orang itu sedalam-dalamnya. Chewahh.

Anonymous said...

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