Sunday, January 3, 2010

First post for 2010

I'm 3 days late to welcome 2010. We're in January again! Time sure does fly fast.

Whenever the new year arrives, people will surely think about their resolution. Actually, unlike 2008 where I had hard targets for my resolution (and achieved them all! I was really happy :D), I had none for 2009, and I am actually thinking hard of what kind of achievement I want to accomplish in 2010. Put aside personal targets like getting married, going for honeymoons and stuff (it's not for public to know anyway), I am hoping that my new year's resolution could somehow contribute to a better well-being of the environment. Although my contribution may be at the smallest of the smallest scale (1 out of kerzillions of people around the world!), I am very sure that many friends out there share the same aspiration too.

Among the things I have started to do (to be environmental friendly):
  • I am now using salbutamol inhaler that contains no CFC (I just got to know the type I used before contains CFC!). I was feeling really guilty when I found out about it. Imagine I have been using the inhaler that contains CFC since I was 6!
  • I don't throw away old batteries into the waste bin anymore. I am collecting them so that I can place them into the batteries recycling bin. I think Dayabumi has one.
  • I try to take the ERL whenever I have to go to and fro KLIA. At least I would feel that I have taken part in the campaign to reduce CO2 emission into the atmosphere. It is a liberating feeling I must say.
Those are the things I start with. I don't really know how to gauge my achievement for this resolution. But I suppose I could constantly ensure that my effort is continuous. Perhaps this is a little late to start the awareness within myself but hey, there is always a point to start :)

Happy new year to my friends, and let's put in endeavor for a better world to live in.


mama danial and eva said...

t.intan dont even have a recycling centre. that bad huh?

Lady RoRa said...

ye ke kak.. isk. majlis perbandaran la tak aware ni..

tu la actually ira pun tgh cari cara mcm mana nak minta PBT kt rumah sg buloh ni sediakan tempat recycle. boleh kita kumpul sket2. nak simpan stok recycle makan space rumah lak kan..

desh said...

Darn. I don't know u are using inhaler.

desh said...

Mama eva ada banyak resolusi. Nak beli cloth diaper. Nak pergi haji. Nak beli rumah.
I punya plak simple je nak sumbat duit dalam bank banyak banyak nanti
retire nak beli estate kat long beach island usd182k
Dan satu lagi nak pick up new skill.

Lady RoRa said...

Wah, kak Zufina nak pergi haji awal.. very gud! now mmg ramai young parents g haji kan.. kagum.

bila en. dayat dah ade $200k, masa tu en. Dayat dah start sakit belakang da.. tak dapat nak surfing..
beli la tanah en. dayat. bukan xde duit :P

desh said...

I really don't know you have inhaler. Sinusitis'ish tau la.

Tanah la tu...Long Beach Island. Macam Robert Redford~

Sakit belakang? apa barang... bukan sakit belakang... tapi sakit pinggang.. Kakaka

I nak retire kat situ bila eva dah berdikari. Tak dapat kat Long Beach, dapat Bali pun boleh la...

Kak Zuf1na kalau nak ikut pun boleh, tapi tak ikut pun takpe. Hehehe..

Lady RoRa said...

ohh, i mentioned that I have sinus? tak ingat la en. dayat.

haha.. oklah, bagi can, supaya boleh bukak resort tepi pantai eh..

sakit belakang tu sama la mcm sakit pinggang.. kan?

desh said...

Now I see it. You went green after watching Avatar?

mama danial and eva said...

cloth diaper, bukan resolusi...eva sebenarnya dah cukup... beli sebab tak tahan tengok so very cute prints...jadi addicted...but the thing is about these CD, ialah u boleh resell. at least half price pun biasanya ada buyer...good eh?

nak pergi haji, takut dah tua , sakit sakit tak leh gi mekah pula. atau mati muda. kita tak tahu kan.

my real resolutions are;
1. teach danial how to read and write. he MUST be able to read by the end of the year, by hook or by crook.

2. start some savings for children's education fund. hari tu ada monthly allocation. tapi ATM card lost, terhenti kejap hahaha. kena start semula.

3. need to practice what i preach. regular exercise and healthy diet. most difficult to achieve.

4. self development; learn a bit more mandarin/ tamil to converse better with my patient. hari hari i belajar mandarin with my chinese friend. tapi dia dah nak tukar pulak....

ambitious huh? masa hi school, ada orang pernah tegur kata i am too ambitious.

bad habits die hard....

mama danial and eva said...

by the way, are u using bricanyl turbuhaler now?

Lady RoRa said...

En. Dayat, I am the last person to be excited about new movies playing at the cinema. So nope, the resolution is just a result of my observation je.

Byk tu resolution Kak Zufina. But I like people having many ambitions in a year. Keeps them busy. Sbnrnya my resolution tu sikit gile kan.

I'm using this inhaler called Cipla Asthalin HFA. Made in India.

desh said...

Too ambitious boleh stress oOo..

desh said...

Nak tanya auntie ira lah. Danial nak start sekolah 5 tahun ke 6 tahun ek?

Lady RoRa said...


desh said...

Terima kasih auntie ira.
Tapi abah hantar masa 6 tahun jugaklah.
Saje nak bagi kawan2 dia headstart dulu.
Macam arnab dgn kura2. Tapi danial jgn tido seblm garisan penamat tau.

desh said...

Perkembangan yang okay.
Untuk sorang budak yang nak masuk 5 tahun ni yang tahu browse google dan search DIEGO atau DORA.. ok kot.