Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mom's new celebrity student~

I know my mom had a few ex students who now became popular celebrities: Awal Ashaari, Aishah Sinclair, Dynaz, Faizal Tahir and TV3 newscasters Azawate Zenol Abidin and Shahida Azad Jamaludin. Yeah.. maybe Mass Comm students have this desire to appear on TV after graduating. Maybe they wanna be called as graduate artistes kut.. mungkinlah..

She told me again of a student whom she is teaching now. But at this point of moment I am feeling a little bit frozen over the story that my mom just blurted.

Her current celebrity student now is JANNA SYARIZA. Yes, JANNA SYARIZA. The most-talked-about girl in Malaysia right now. The girl whose blog(s) received hundreds and thousands of critical comments in just a few days. A pilot's dumb daughter who lets herself continue to be the fiancée of the good-for-nothing, popularity-obsessed, university-dropout, potential-bisexual, can't-even-defend-himself-from-being-molested-by-a-sixty-year-old-man Saiful Bukhari.

I'm starting to feel the heat of living in a small world again!

(Iman, tidakkah anda berasa ingin menemani saya ke UiTM untuk melihat secara dekat minah ni?? Haha..)

This is definitely gonna be interesting ok. Who knows she would come to my place one day, bringing her fiancé along. Haha.. I'd love to imagine =)

Wanna know more about her? Ala, just Google la kay. Access to her blog has already been denied for unauthorized personnel (I just checked).

(well really, I would love to comment on that Saiful guy, but since there are too many informative posts here and there in the blogs, I will just read them instead of commenting too. But the fact is, he is already a gay, if he was really being s*******d)


iman said...

oits..mane gmbr purse ko?! hehehe

o yeah...sepadanla ngn bf dia yg kna kick out of uniten..pas tu..bole pulak apply oversea?? haha


haha.. tgk masa kita ngedet la.. isk2..

satu je aku rs saiful ni nak ke dia.. minah ni kaya..

desh said...

Hi Ira,

s * * * * * * * d

s o d o m a t e d

s t r i p e t e d

s t u p i d a e d

which one Ira?
I'm confuse.




minus the space.. huhu..

desh said...

Lets add something here.

If you want to be popular, at least try to be like Harvard University's drop out Bill Gates and Matt Damon, or Will Smith who turned down a scholarship to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
But who knows, maybe Saiful decided not to finish college to pursue his carrier as Prime Minister.

eyz said...

pergh, ngedet dgn iman x ajak. hehe

desh said...

Sorry. carrier wtf. Career. *wink*

desh said...

Guys, girls.
Let us do not underestimate Saiful, he may appeared gay and homosexual but maybe he is not. Maybe he is very smart.

Is it possible that he may go to Anwar rooms sometimes ago, found a used condom in the thrash bin, stored it in a cryogenic container for future use (to shove it inside his a hole)?

If I can think of that, then why can't he?
I told my wife and she thought that I watched too much Bourne movie.

Take note Anwar's lawyer.
He can use this idea to create reasonable doubt.

[YeOp] said...

So your mom is a lecturer kat UiTM la yer?

Sumpah saya tak kenal Janna Syariza ni~ LOL

Iman said...


oits...mane pegi yg tayah reg tuh...aku malas nk type2 pswrd ni