Saturday, July 26, 2008

Of pot-luck gathering and currypuffs... and Tein's birthday

Sorry for the long~~~ pause ya (especially to Iman!) Saya tidak berjaya menjadi pengkarya pilihan anda minggu lepas ya, hahahaha~

Oh well, maafkan saya. I'm GLAD that today ended the series of my Mo0Ody Days I had this week. I guess this time, it was the most terrible mo0Od swing I had! I'm relieved it's over!

We had a great pot luck time at my boss' place @ Bukit Antarabangsa today (penat lalu depan Rumah Dato' K, tak pernah2 terserempak, haha!) Most of the department staff were there, with each of us bringing our specialty meal and delicacies. Spaghettis, nasi ayam, sate, nasi impit... all the good and fattening food. Me? I brought my self-made currypuffs. Kak Nadia said they were good (of course la, acece..) She tapau-ed a few to bring home. Heehee.. I'm honored, and delighted, of course!

Most of my colleagues brought together their spouses and children. Haha, my fave baby would be Zeti's. Iman, nama baby Zeti pun Iman.. tapi it's a boy la.. hehe. All he did was chuckled to all of my weird and funny faces. Tapi, sayangla.. lupa pulak nak took his photos. I will post the pics of the day in my Facebook lar..

Very soon enough August will arrive. I will wait patiently for the passing of the first half of it. I am eager to know what will be the story for me starting from the second half and onwards. It may be exciting. It may be the other way round too.

Hmm.. lastly.. siapa nak tahu recipe kepada pastry karipap yang sangat sedap dan crunchy?? (siyes beb sedap.. ni my Maktok yang ajar ok! Please do try. Intinya, buat la sesuka hati anda ye.. hehe)

The currypuff pastry ingredients: Flour, cooking oil, butter, water, condensed milk, salt. (Sukatan? Terpulang kepada tukang masaknya, asalkan kena dengan selera anda)

The method:
  1. Pour the flour into a mixing bowl. I used the whole packet.
  2. Heat the cooking oil together with the butter. 2 tablespoon of butter to be heated with 1 cup of cooking oil. Turn off the burner after the butter has fully dissolved in the oil. Let it cool down for a while.
  3. Pour the mixture of fats into the flour, a little at a time. Mix well until the flour texture turns into somewhat like damped sand.
  4. Mix the water with a tablespoon of condensed milk and a pinch of salt. Taste it before pouring, so it matches your taste. Then pour it slowly, still a little at a time, so that the portion of the water mixture is just right for the flour-oil mixture to form a dough.
  5. You will see that the dough can not be stretched that long. The texture is kinda choppy. That is a sign that your dough is good (good as in it will be crunchy after you have fried the currypuffs) Your dough is ready to be rolled into thin pieces now!
  6. Tips: When you are about to fry your currypuffs, make sure that you place them into the frying pan before the cooking oil gets hot. Better if you place them before turning on the stove, so that the fried surface will not have 'bubbles', and your currypuffs will look good =)
Iman, try ok! Untuk gathering birthday Sarah ;) Ke, nak aku buatkan... hehehe...

Hari ni birthday Fatin. Happy birthday Tein =) I will not mention yang ke berapa, cuz even for myself, it's sensitive now, haha ;) sorry aku lambat sket wish (>_<)


Iman said...

haha...dh lepas dh bday bash..penat ok...haih kalo umah aku besar..blh a wat utk kawan2 skali...aku dh fuly booked dh wekend ni..xde time lain...

oi2...dapat watch??argh besnye..haha..pas kt aku la jam yg ko dh beli ituh..haha..aku tatau lg a naseb cemane..HR x reply mail aku..cis sungguh

desh said...

Hi Ira,
Thank for leaving comments :)
Some say that Two-Face did not die. The funeral was staged and he was actually being locked down in Arkham Asylum along side with The Joker. But, I don't know.
The best thing is that The Joker was re-invented. Nothing like the original Joker. No more silly weapons or hide behind his minions. This is The Joker who can face Batman head on.


Dah ok dah tu Iman.. haha.. alhamdulillah everything goes well for all of us =) I just miss our great great discussion.

En. Dayat, as usual, ur my soothsayer..~ haha.. okay2, I will not worry about Batman, haha!

syuk said...

hi kak pah, dgr2 u wat PHD ek
OPU mana skang?


Aaa? PHD? Ape tu?

Doctor of Philospohy?
Player Hater Degree?
Professional Help Desk?

or I know..

Pretty Hot Damsel.. haha..

takdelah Syuk.. masters pun xde.
I kat MITCO lah.. moving to R&T 18 Aug.

desh said...

Oh no!
I am more to sooth slayer than a soothsayer.
This reminds me of the truck The Joker used to shoot a rocket launcher with the sign "SLaughter is the best medicine".

So moving to R&T eh?
Research & Tido Division eh?


mana ada Tido En. dayat ni.. isk2~

Group Technology Solutions, under Research and Technology division.

nanti bila2 jumpa Ira cite lagi tentang division2 ni okey =)

desh said...

Okey :)

desh said...

I had been thinking so hard this morning on how a 60 year old man can rape a 20 year old man.
1. The 60 year old had to be the undisputed Sylvester Stallone the Rambo 4 / the Rocky Balboa.
2. Somebody put a blade on that 20 year old man's mouth and said "Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face".
3. It is not a rape but it is purely a "Brokeback Mountain".