Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hiccups on 1st Raya: Maaf Zahir Batin!

1st day of raya: MY REPORT

I'm writing this in the interval to wait for the next chore to end the day: basuh pinggan! after the final guest makes a move.

Tomorrow we're heading north to my dad's hometown. Excited or not? Hmm.. although it will be just me, Ozal and my parents, I am hoping that it would be a good visit. Today's beraya was ended with an ultimate anticlimax. ULTIMATE anticlimax. Pengalaman pahit, kelat, semualah.

So what's left for me to feel excited about raya this year? I would wanna say the TV shows lined up for the celebration SHOULD be most likely (whoa.. LOTR is being aired now on 8TV.. tapi saya dah mmg ada koleksi LOTR trilogy pun.. so.. hm, not so much of a surprise..) but then, the movies lined-up by TV3 and TV9 were already being aired last year (see what do I mean by being glued to the TV during raya? I can remember clearly what was aired last year!) Plus, too many Siti Nurhaliza's clips turned my mood off (walau mcm mana susahnya pun saya mencuba, namun saya rasa takkan boleh menerima minah yang satu ini) So on the first day of Raya, I spent the entire noon on bed, reading.. until I dozed off. I need that okay, since last night was a busy night in the kitchen main masak-masak!

Since I have been working for almost a year, there is no argue on why I am not eligible anymore to get duit raya this time around. Yes, it's my time to give. And yes, I'm kinda fortunate that I don't really have that many little cousins or nieces or nephews to entertain. Well, not to say that I don't like little toddlers. Let's rephrase. I like little toddlers who are cute and well-behaved only. Naughty ones will get some 'twisting on the skin' for being so 'happening'.

(Oh, sekarang TV9 tengah air movie 'Rock'.. cerita last year jugak ni.. isk)

(Ok, berbalik kepada 8TV, LOTR. Smeagol tengah gila cakap sorang2)

Hmm, takpelah. Mungkin dengan sedikit kesabaran, Syawal akan menjadi masa yang bermakna juga.. I will need to pack after this, and sambung menonton LOTR while waiting for the guests to balik.. arghh sleepynya.. >_<


iQbaL radzuan said...

lain kali merayau la sket.. dtg pantai dlam tgok tv sesama. lol.

btw.. raya da x sehappy masa kita sekolah dlu.. i felt the same way this raya.. huhuhuhu

bidadari said... baru..ah butthen..its ur idea..hehhhe taksal..

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

yeah.. it was merrier back then kan..

haha bidadari.. ok kah catchphrase aku itu? hehe.

desh said...

well, anticlimax can be sucks.

[YeOp] said...

Lama tak drop by at ur blog. Sorry :(

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri :)

desh said...

Helo Tuanku Nur Sharifah Zahira.

Selain rumah terbuka PM apakah yang mesti ada pada hari raya?

Jawapan: Ops sikap 17.

Today I would like to congratulate the fed for really hit their target this year. They really hit their sales target by selling 8k to 9k summons ticket per day. (PER DAY ya) Congratulation. :p

Our 2nd finance minister target of 5.7% economic growth this year will surely within our grasp if all the traffic offenders pay their summons.
Pay ya Malaysian, don't delay. For the sake of our economy.

ed said...

toin toin toinggg.......

blog hoping....

fuuhh........landed here!!

nice blog tho, simple yet real thoughts. keep it up!

p/s try harder to even be on the par 'not to irritate' with my lovely princess (our beloved siti).... please!!....hahaha, yep im freakin fanatic on her...

on the bright side, sometimes its 'the prejudice' tht hinder our likability towards someone... so put it away, u'll feel much better <--- i know, this is out of topic, at all!!! pardon me