Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This Gen-Y lady gets a low score

I have this kind of behavior. Anything that has to do with the zodiac Capricorn, the Pig year (yes, I was born in the year of Pig! Though the Chinese say that it is a year of good fortune, I'm not proud of it), January, 16, 1984, the month of Rabiulawal, blood type O.. name it, anything that has to do with me, anything that helps me understand myself better, I would love to learn it. Somehow I enjoy being classified, but sometimes over-generalizing decreases the validity of a claim.

I came back from work when I saw the front page of the Malay Mail: No fears for the young: World-wide credit crunch a non-event for Malaysia's Generation Y.

Haha. Generation Y. Obviously it has something to do with me. What caught my attention was this profile of the average Gen-Y person. And on behalf of myself, I would love to compare the mentioned profile to myself. Let's see how well I score as a Millennial (another name for Y-ners)
  1. They spend around RM300-RM500 a month on entertainment and leisure - definitely not me, where 'life' is sought at home, not outside. No point.
  2. Their love for shopping has earned them the label of "dream consumers" - hmm, the 'dream' word cuz maybe I can only dream of buying an authentic LV or Marc Jacobs. At least for the next few years to come. Well, yeah, I love shopping. 1 correct point there.
  3. On a good day, they hang out at designer coffee outlets and indulge in good food, which easily comes to RM15 per meal - Well, I have stopped visiting Coffee Bean and Starbucks since I got the emails that informed they are financing 'that country'. But eating out at a place where a meal is RM 15 is normal. So okay, 1/2 correct point for this.
  4. Many own the newest handphones, equipped with the latest technology. Doesn't matter if they are not technologically savvy enough to utilize all the functions; what is important is that they own something at par with what their peers have - Not true. I only call, send SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, surf the Net, download songs, take a pic, make a recording, organize my calendar, listen to the radio and wake myself up (whoa.. so many functions ah??) only by using Nokia 2630.. and I bet even schoolkids will laugh at me for having a very cheap, basic phone. I can imagine the moment someone sees my phone, he/ she will go like "Ler.. guna fon tu je.. tak up-to-date nyerr". Okay. Not applicable to me.
  5. Two-thirds know the price of an iPod, but three-quarters have no idea what a carton of milk costs - Hey, of course I know, I still drink milk! No points.
  6. They have hundreds of illegally downloaded songs - Who doesn't? CDs are so damn expensive. Neways, we all have thousands of free downloaded songs. Another correct point here.
  7. One in 20 spends more than RM200 a month on mobile phone bills - I must be one of the 19. My bill seldom exceeds RM50.. hehe.
  8. A number of them have more than one phone - Used to. Not applicable anymore.
  9. Many do not read the newspapers, or watch the TV news - Well, I will read the national and international news, but very seldom on sports. Like football for example, tau nama pemain je. Which club pun dah tak tau. Still, sports isn't everything. So no point for this.
  10. They are heavily dependent on 'helicopter parents' who hover protectively over their offspring - Well, I stopped being dependent since I finished school. So again, no point here.

Wah.. 2.5 points/10 or 25%. Well, can't say that I am not a Gen-Y, but I guess this profiling is over-generalized. Perhaps it is more right if I was still in the varsity. Yerp, back then, phone bills were high, and I seldom read the papers or even watch the news. But still, shopping excessively was obviously out of the question. What more owning a hi-tech handphone? The percentage may still be more or less the same, only that I would have answered the questions with different answers.

P/S: Iman, this is not the topic I mentioned to you about.


Mustafa Bahrudin said...

a'a. 2600 series adelah 3310 zaman ini.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...


well, i bought it cuz it was comparably slim, like my previous Motorola Razr, cuz I like keeping cellphone in the pocket of my pants.

desh said...

Hi Ira.

Are you kidding Ira. 2630 is high tech.
Right now I'm using nokia 6100. (manufactured 2004)
Incredibly slim, and color screen too. Haha.
But Fahmy is using iphone.

Well, I'm 29years old. What they call us? Gen X? Gen 2? Who will be called Gen Z?

desh said...

Manufactured in million years of evolution, all the raging hormones in the teenagers are crucial for human survival. They will try everything that looks cool in search of the things they need in life. That includes eating habit.

I figured out that a heavy and expensive PDA phone is not meant for me.
Here lies on my desk the fully functioning 2006 iPAQ PDA phone acting as a mp3 player with my old PC speaker. It is like a retired CIA operative and now he is working as an office boy or as a hair stylist. [LOL]

msApple said...

i dpt 5 out of 10.. huhuhu.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Well, En. Dayat, for Muspa who works in Satyam, my phone is trash haha.

iPhone is definitely a cool gadget, I have tried it. but since I x think I'll be clinging to my phone that often, or browse through the photos (plus, I really sayang to touch the screen!) I think biarlah I view the iPhone just from the see-through glass, haha.

Btw, You are at borderline of Gen X and Gen Y. Some sources I read says that you are of Gen-X. Some says the year you were born started the Gen-Y.

Haha, Eija, which ques did you score?

SleepingBeauty said...

I scored 4 out of 10. Where does that put me? ;)