Wednesday, October 22, 2008

THAT Question

Alas, today this particular guy in my class just popped me the question I wouldn't want anybody to ask.

"I see your finger is empty.. so you are not married..?"

Damn. "Well, soon!" nodding my head, "In fact, very soon.."Haha.

At times, I won't mind to fake it and say I'm already married, rather than being asked by a guy whom seems impossible to my liking. Haha.

Did I appear bad when I say that?

But there was an extended question to it. "Oh, not planning to get engaged?" Duhh~

I did this before: I wore a ring when I went to conferences or trainings to avoid people asking me that question, and most importantly, to avoid undesirable men from coming my way (definitely!). Afterall, the piece I have does look like a real wedding ring. Anyway, it is not an ideal thought to stop people from wondering. Many asked me if I was engaged.. (>_<)

C'mon guys, I'm still in the 'early 20s' category. Perhaps I look too matured.. or have I aged? Hmm..


Mustafa Bahrudin said...

haha.. kalau org tu p baca blog kau abeda kantoi.. :D

Ashraf.K said...

Just say you have an allergy with those metal. Like my gf did. She will get strange type of rash when wearing gelang & cincin.

Fair lady without any ring will surely asked with that kind of question. Just get used to it. hehe

fumoffu said...

that means he's interested in knowing u more laa/finding out u available or not
read between the lines XD

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Ashkam and Qadri reading my blog? whoa, I just wanna say TQ~ =)

well, ashkam's idea is good, hehe. Q, aku xmahu tahu >_<

and I doubt that, Muspa.

ashrapai said...

I've thrown my ring into Mount Doom, to which i went together with Frodo Baggins. I'm in the Fellowship of the
And I'm married by the way.

desh said...

Guys please,
Don't ask a girl you just met, if she is married/engaged/having a boyfriend or not. It will screw up the chances to get closer.
Ish ish ish...

If she answers "no" it will irritate her. If she answers "yes" it will irritate you. Haha.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

En. Dayat. Brilliant. TQ.

desh said...

For the "small" talk, try the shoes she is wearing or the handbag she is carrying. Other than the fingers.

afiq said...


Hope you're doing well. Alas, google is doing a good job in finding people.

SleepingBeauty said...

I don't wear a ring. How come no one ever ask me whether I am married or not?

I'm not attractive enough ay? Or I look too childish? Or maybe I just look too scary for anyone to come to any kind of conlcusion?


Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...


Sleeping beauty (cess, ko siap letak gambar lagi ye.. :P) hm, mebe sb org segan ngan ko kut..

desh said...

The Rules of -Engagement-

Rule number 1: Don't ask [personal] questions.
Rule number 4: Know when to get out.

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

why is it 'the rules of -engagement-'?

and what is 'know when to get out'?

desh said...

Saudari Ira,
I'm glad you asked.

Literally, The real "Rules Of Engagement" is the Code that must be followed during War.
Example the enemies cannot open fire until the para-troopers have reached the ground.
And when you watched Pirates of the Carribean 3 after your final semester exam, the ROE is like the Pirates' Code.

But, that is not what I meant here. Of course la... :D
What I meant here is "The Rules Of Approaching"

Again, the four rules that I made up here, clearly is not my original ideas. It is one of the rip off from a movie by the
Pang brothers. Yet, in the movie the rules is for the assassin.
Well, everytime I watch a movie I always feel that I need to rip out the essence and make an association or connection with something else....
(Errr... Cinema and TV are the only thing that can give good education nowadays)

The Rules Of Approaching A Girl You Met For The First Time

Know when to get out of a meeting with a girl when you feel that you are starting to bore her.
Get her phone number and get out.

.... Well, I was just kidding here.

Have a nice day Ira.

f00 said...


Ah but then, it is Afiq.

We should do catching-up!

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

Oh my God! My fave guitarist!!

I was searching high and low for ur blog ok Afiq.. alas!