Sunday, October 19, 2008

The highlight of my weekend (^_^)

Introducing my nephews and niece, the cutest in the world!

Mukhriz and Marsha

and little Mirza


Mustafa Bahrudin said...

ku juga mau punyai anak comel~

desh said...

Well Ira. Are they Ain's or Ozal's? I guess not :D.
So they are your cousin's children?

Sharifah Zahira Syed Iedin said...

muspa, i pray u n nawar will :)

haha en. dayat, i think if Ain was married, u wud believe that those yummies were hers.

but yeah, they belong to my fave cousin, Mokhtar.

Iman said...

cis..dah 3x try nk komen..skrg baru bjy

iyeee..mereka itu is ohsodeverykiutt~~

[YeOp] said...

comelnya! :D

cleo weiland said...

I was smiling to myself when I saw Mukhriz and Marsha.

Scrolled down.

And stopped stopped breathing when I saw Mirza.

He takes the cake for cuteness!!